TMPR Rave LX | Indigo Ice (SALE)

Weight: Light Weight (7.1-7.5 oz.)
Sale price$59.00


  • Length: 16.5”
  • Width: 7.5”
  • Handle length: 5”

Indigo Ice limited edition.

The Rave LX is the newest paddle shape in the TMPR lineup. It is ideal for the player who wants extra reach in a paddle. The rounded sides give the Rave LX a more balanced feel and less drag than other elongated paddles. The Luxe Core cushions your shots, increasing both consistency and control. Its core is made of honeycomb polymer, with graphics printed on a fiberglass face for the maximum texture allowed for USA Pickleball approval. It has a 5" handle length, and comes standard with a 4.25" circumference that is octagonally-shaped. Features TMPR vibration dampening technology.

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