Diadem EDGE 18K Pickleball Paddle

Model: Standard
Color: Red
Sale price$229.95


Introducing the pinnacle of pickleball paddle innovation – the Diadem Edge 18k Paddle. Meticulously crafted with unmatched precision and cutting-edge technology, this paddle is ingeniously designed to propel your gameplay to unprecedented heights.

The cornerstone of the Edge 18k paddle's brilliance lies in its revolutionary surface material. Employing state-of-the-art 3D 18k carbon fiber, the paddle employs a distinctive triaxial weave, seamlessly integrating three interwoven yarns at 60-degree angles. This groundbreaking design establishes the groundwork for an unparalleled gaming experience. Unlike conventional unidirectional raw carbon fiber paddles, the Diadem Edge 18k paddle's sophisticated construction maximizes spin potential across all contact points, affording you an unbeatable competitive advantage, regardless of your shot selection.

Immerse yourself in a realm of elevated control with the Diadem Edge 18k paddle in your grasp. With a weight of 8.0 ounces and a profile measuring 16mm, this design is engineered for nimbleness, ensuring each shot is executed with finesse and pinpoint accuracy. The Edge 18k paddle seamlessly complements your unique playing style, enabling you to assert dominance on the court through swift and calculated maneuvers.

The Edge 18k also ushers in the innovative Edge Shield Pro edge guard. This meticulously designed edge guard enhances the paddle's resilience without compromising its sleek aesthetics. The addition of a high-density plastic lip on the corners offers protection against ground and paddle scrapes, resulting in prolonged durability.

Get ready to captivate opponents and spectators alike with the distinctive 3D visuals adorning the Diadem Edge 18k Pickleball Paddle. Whether you're an experienced player or just embarking on your pickleball journey, this paddle presents an impeccable fusion of control and spin. Each shot evolves into a masterpiece, every rally a testament to your proficiency and unwavering determination.

Set yourself apart from rivals with the exclusive 3D-18k carbon fiber paddle face. The Diadem Edge 18K can be summed up in a single word – superior.

USAPA Approved



Edge 18k Standard Specs 


8.00 oz


16.4 in


7.5 in




240 mm

Honeycomb Density

8mm PP 


3D 18k Carbon Fiber

Handle Length

5.3 in

Grip size

4 1/8" (G1)

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