Diadem Premier Power Pickleballs

Quantity: 3-pack
Color: Yellow
Sale price$10.95


Meet the Diadem Premier Power Pickleball, also known as the Power Ball. It's the official ball of Power Pickleball, a rapidly growing pickleball competition that includes leagues, tournaments, and clubs. This ball is approved for USAPA Tournaments and sets a new standard with its seamless construction. It's made from tough plastic and has 40 holes of equal size, making it great for playing outdoors. Its hardness makes it a fast ball, which puts it on the upper end of what's allowed by the USAPA.

You can rely on the Power Ball's durability, even in extreme conditions as cold as 45 degrees. It keeps its round shape over time, providing consistency for both strong hitters and precise shots.

You can choose between bright neon yellow and standard yellow, making it easy to follow during games. It's available in packs of 3, 6, 12, and 50, giving you options to suit your needs.



Average Weight - 0.924 oz 

Average Bounce - 32.66 in

Average Hardness - 53.25

Average Compression- 30.85

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