Franklin Glow in the Dark Outdoor Pickleballs

Size: 1-pack
Sale price$5.00


Why let the pickleball fun end when the sun sets? Extend the excitement into the night with Franklin Sports' Glow in the Dark Outdoor Pickleballs! Tailored for enthusiastic pickleball players keen on nighttime matches, these illuminated pickleballs guarantee a thrilling experience. Simply expose the balls to sunlight for over 15 minutes during the day to "charge" them, and witness their radiant glow when darkness falls! These pickleballs adhere to regulation size for an authentic gameplay experience. Weighing 26.2 grams, these practice pickleballs feature a one-piece rotational molding, ensuring the same enduring performance found in our official X-40 outdoor pickleballs. If you're eager to engage in pickleball matches under the evening lights, your search for the necessary equipment ends here. Seize your Franklin Sports Glow in the Dark Outdoor Pickleballs and kick off your night games tonight!

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