Lumen LP40 Seamless Outdoor Pickleballs

Quantity: 3-pack
Sale price$10.95


 CONSISTENCY – Engineered to ensure a uniform bounce and sustained playability throughout its lifespan, providing players with a trustworthy and dependable outdoor pickleball.

LONGEVITY – Boasting an extended lifespan, our pickleballs reduce the frequency of purchases, delivering maximum value to players over time.

PRECISION – Produced in a cutting-edge facility where precision is paramount, our pickleballs consistently offer a high-quality playing experience.

DURABILITY – Featuring precisely 40 strategically placed holes, our balls achieve an optimal reduction of speed from wind impact. Specifically crafted for wind-resistant play throughout the year, these outdoor pickleballs maintain ideal weight on the court.

The Lumen Paddles LP40 seamless outdoor pickleballs are robust and resilient, ensuring they withstand pressure without easily cracking, providing players with an optimal lifespan and playing experience.

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