TMPR Tour 2 Backpack

Color: Blue
Sale price$99.99


The TMPR Tour 2 Backpack is a versatile essential for pickleball enthusiasts. It boasts dedicated paddle compartments on each side, ensuring secure and protective storage for your gear. Whether you carry one or more paddles, these custom pockets keep your equipment in pristine condition during travel and storage.

The central compartment offers ample space, accommodating paddles, clothing, or balls, adapting to your diverse needs. It's the go-to solution for players seeking organized storage in a single location.

Beyond its storage capacity, this backpack incorporates clever design features. A discreet hidden pouch within adds convenience for personal items you'd rather keep discreet, while a dedicated laptop slit ensures your tech devices remain protected and easily accessible.


Width: 13"
Height: 18"
Depth: 13"

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