Vulcan VPRO FLIGHT Outdoor PPA Tour Pickleballs - 12 Pack

Sale price$41.99


Introducing the Vulcan VPRO FLIGHT Outdoor Professional Tour Pickleball, now presented in an exclusive 12-pack sleeve featuring PPA's "Official Ball" branding. This sustainable packaging also serves as a practical ball storage container.

The Vulcan VPRO FLIGHT stands as the premier pickleball, emerging as the new elite ball and a pivotal element in the sport. Blending speed and liveliness with hardness and resilience, it provides an outstanding feel, consistent aerodynamic flight, ideal bounce, and remarkable spin performance. Achieving the perfect equilibrium between playability and durability, the VPRO FLIGHT ensures that in high-paced rallies and skillful exchanges, the superior player emerges victorious. Embraced by professionals and high-level players alike, it is the favored choice for today's game. 



Weight: 0.92 oz.
Diameter: 2.87"
Bounce Height: 33.5"

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